Common Injuries After an Accident

by | Apr 29, 2021

What are some common injuries after an accident? What should we expect physically after a motor vehicle accident?

Herniated Discs

Most common injuries after an accident are to the back and neck, often referred to as whiplash. However, when they are more severe the force of the crash can cause the tissue located between the vertebrae of the spin to separate. That is referred to as a herniated disc. It can be quite painful, loss of feeling and even loss of control of your muscles, usually in your legs or arms.

You may experience that immediately or it could happen after many weeks or months after the car accident. Typically, surgery is needed and can be long term disability.

Brain Injuries

Your brain can be subjected to injury in a car accident if your head hits something in your car or your head whips back and forth with force. When this happens, it is referred to as traumatic brain injury or TBI. This could cause long term brain function damage. These types of injuries can be deceptive, as you may not notice any symptoms right away. It could take months to notice something is wrong such as becoming forgetful, being less patient, personality change or easily becoming angry or irritated.

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Injuries to the Knee

Many times, either the driver or passenger can be forced forward during a car accident and hit their knee against the dashboard. This can cause direct trauma to the knee which can result in several types of injuries, such as shattered knee cap.

The knee cartilage can also be damaged, which results in torn meniscus. Same injuries can happen when the driver of a vehicle slams on the brakes to avoid a collision that the knee if compressed by force. These types of injuries can be quite painful and most times require surgery. Once again, you may not be aware of the extent of the injuries immediately, as it can take some time for more indirect injuries to progress enough inflammation to then become more obvious.

Injuries to the Shoulder

Most of the force from a car accident involving your shoulder will be to the shoulder the strap wraps over. It can also cause a twisting motion to your body causing many types of injuries to your shoulder, such as shoulder strains, bruising and tears to the ligaments that most likely will need surgery.

Injuries to the shoulder can become worse over time and can even become chronic. So, do not disregard symptoms to the shoulder if you were involved in an auto accident.

Common injuries after an accident are not only physical. What can you expect mentally?

Emotional Injuries

When something traumatic happens, it’s not just about the physical damages; our emotional state suffers as well. Those involved in auto accidents can develop a fear of either driving or even being in a car.

This can become so bad that never want to leave their home. As soon as these phobias begin, they should address them with a professional immediately. There are great techniques used to help them overcome their fears. The longer left untreated, the longer it can take to overcome them.

The point here is that some of these injuries are quite serious, but do not always present themselves right away. They are likely to become worse over time if not attended to right away. Be certain to document any symptoms and have them all checked out by a healthcare professional.

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